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Luke Ewing:Milton High School Baseball Prospect:Class of 2012

Milton High School

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Team Windward Fall Schedule

Luke Ewing

Luke Ewing

Luke Ewing :Milton High School Baseball Player Class of 2012

Team Windward Fall Schedule

Date Location
Sept. 4-5 NGCSU & Truett McConnell (2 teams)
Sept. 10-11 Columbus State & CVCC (1 team)
Sept. 10-11 Georgia Southern Showcase Tourney (1 team)
Sept. 17-19 East Cobb PG Qualifier (2 teams)
Sept. 24-26 Lakeland Florida JUCO All-Star (2 teams)
Oct. 1-3 East Cobb PG Qualifier (2 teams)
Oct. 9-10 Georgia State Showcase Tourney
Oct. 15-17 Astros Invitational East Cobb (2 teams)
Oct. 21-24 Jupiter Florida (If Qualified)

1035 York Cove
Alpharetta, GA 30004